Belinda from Chasing Springtime


Fed up with baggy, dark, shapeless and poorly designed clothes that made me feel frumpy and like the fashion industry didn’t care, I created a range of women’s clothing in sizes 16 to 26 you can look forward to wearing every day because they fit, flatter and reflect your personality.

On-trend or in-style?

The Chasing Springtime range is designed for women who have already developed a sense of style over the years and just want clothes that look and feel great so you can get on with life not having to worry about wearing clothes that aren’t quite you.

Gaping neckline anyone…

My tees and tops will not slip off your shoulders or come down to your knees because I know how to design for a plus size body. I’ve been plus size for years and for the life of me can’t work out why so many fashion ranges assumed I got taller and my neck got bigger as I moved up the size range! Yes, my neck got a little bigger, but not so much that I need gaping necklines. And wish as I might, I never got taller!

What is normal?

I think my sister got it right when she said: ‘I just want to wear normal clothes, but bigger.’* That’s exactly what I design. But, I use sizing and grading that means these ‘normal’ looking clothes are more suited to plus size women. So far I’ve had great feedback about sleeve length (to the elbow), fabrics (they don’t cling), necklines (not too big) and cuts (a gentle tapering that gives a flattering line at the waist).

(*While I don’t always agree with the use of the word ‘normal’, I think we all know what she meant.)

My promise to you

I solemnly swear I will not use fabrics with giant prints nor so much fabric that it makes you look a size larger. I also promise not to use loud bling in an attempt to make clothes look interesting – there are so many other ways to look interesting. And I promise not to add bulk to garments where we don’t want it added. Also, when I find complementary items that suit plus size women, I will share them with you e.g. accessories and jewellery.